top 15 under $100 - week 18!


While I am definitely dreaming of spring already... it is still so cold here in the Midwest! How about one of these super chic hats to brighten up the rest of my winter!?! Yes, please!


This week while browsing in Forever 21 I came across this striped tunic that was so cute. It reminded me of my love for stripes. I couldn't find the exact tunic that I got in the store online but it's similar to the red one I have picked here and I love it! It's so comfy and so great for a casual day, here are some other striped tops that I am loving too.


Anyone feeling a little ho-hum now that the holidays are over and all we are left with are endless days of clouds or snow?  No? Just me? Oh, okay. Well, nothing perks me up more than having somewhere nice to go, along with a fun outfit to wear.  Here is something I would wear to a hypothetical night out-just for kicks!

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