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male mannequins

The female mannequins of the 21st century looks more like a "real person" than ever before, and the same holds true for a male mannequin. Intricately detailed bodies, vibrantly painted faces with eyes that really seem to have a twinkle, the mannequin for sale to the fashion and retail industries these days is a far cry from their ancestors of just a few decades ago.

Mannequins have been around for centuries in one form or another, but it wasn't until the invention of the plate glass window that they began to show up modeling clothes in retail stores. These mannequins were a far cry from the sexy mannequin of today; in fact they looked more like scarecrows than a real person, especially since their bodies were usually stuffed with straw.

Still, they served their purpose well enough; they excited an interest in the clothing on sale within the store or showroom where they were displayed but there were those who realized that a female mannequin could be so much more.

In the 1930s a mysterious woman began making appearances at such hot New York nightspots as the Stork Club as well as at the opera, the ballet and the theater. Wherever she was she sat motionless, a cigarette in her hand at all times. Her name was Cynthia and although she never uttered a word she excited interest all over Manhattan and beyond.

quartz countertops

The procedure to make this product is very simple; the quartz as well as the resin are combined together to make up a very durable product, then after that it is slice into the perfect measurements for your kitchen or bathroom. It is also polished to make an elegant look.

Natural quartz countertops cost has so many benefits compared to other materials available in the market. Although, everyone is unique and you might also get varying situations and reasons why you are searching for a new countertop for your property, you will learn that there is a natural quartz product available that will satisfy all your preferences. It is highly suggested that prior to your order of anything pertaining to your home enhancement project that you must look into all of the details available to ensure that you are having the most of your money. You are possible going to figure out that natural quartz countertops give good quality, elegance and practicability you are searching for.

One of the finest benefits of natural quartz counters is that they are very easy to maintain. This natural product is non-penetrable that makes it right for places which are subject to bacteria like the kitchen or bathroom. In other penetrable materials, bacteria can percolate in the countertop and remain in there, therefore would only mean that it can be moved towards your food or yourself causing you to become sick. Sometimes no matter how careful you are about maintaining the cleanliness of this product, you will still have drifting bacteria that you can't get rid of. However, this is different with these natural countertops.


Concrete can be used in copious applications using a variety of techniques. It is durable enough to last for decades to come, strong enough to be used in structural applications, and malleable (before cured) to be molded to almost any form or shape. It can be used in flooring, wall, and ceiling applications, or it can be employed to construct statues and furniture. It can be made to look industrial and cold as well as traditional and warm. With so many applications, it is nearly safe to say that concrete can be used to make almost anything, and countertops livermore are no exception.

Concrete countertops made their debut into restaurants, retail establishments, and homes over a decade ago; however, they have grown to be more accepted in the last few years. Once a countertop material for only the do-it-yourselfers and the exceptionally rich, concrete countertops are now starting to make their way into mid-priced homes and common commercial applications.

Utilizing concrete countertops has become an increasingly popular way for designers and homeowners to achieve a look unparalleled by any other material. Concrete countertops can add the perfect design element to almost any design style, including traditional, earthy, modern, industrial, contemporary, and more. Concrete countertops are only limited to the imagination and the ability to make the forms as such.

privat college

In the course of choosing which college to attend, it is significant that students look closely at the diverse selection of both public and private colleges throughout the country. Various factors may be considered, whether it be a college's location, popularity, prominence or the kind of courses it offers. Financial considerations also play a big part in selecting a college. Attending either a public or private colleges with nursing program will entail costs, usually higher than what most students can afford firsthand.

In this respect, looking into how colleges are operated from a financial standpoint and knowing which institutions are provided the most funding may help identify which college may be able to grant the most financial assistance or offer partial to full scholarships to those that will qualify. Larger amounts of funding usually translate to better facilities, building maintenance, research grants, personnel, and faculty - all intended as investments in achieving better quality education.

forklift licenses

In most jobs that require heavy equipment operation, it is important to have the necessary prerequisites at hand. Driving a forklift is one those jobs that should be handled accordingly. Some forklift operators are expected to have forklift licenses before they could start their work.

Actually, acquiring forklift llicenses depends on the kind of work that needs to be done with the said machine. If the lift truck is going to be used on the roads or in public vicinity, a forklift operator is definitely required to obtain a valid license. Just as any other vehicles found on the streets, a forklift should be properly listed as a public utility vehicle if it is to be used on the main roads. A forklift that is utilized in on road constructions is one good example. If the operator is going to drive the machine on the public roads in order to get to the location, he should have a forklift license so that any dispute that may arise concerning the road use can be easily settled. A forklift license will also provide the proper authorities the necessary information about the character of the driver/operator.

On the other hand, if the forklift operator works in a warehouse or any private territory, he does not need to have a license. Except when the warehouse owner requires the operator to get a forklift license, the operator can start working with the machine. As long as the lift truck is within the confines of the warehouse, forklift licenses are not necessarily needed. It is simply because the forklift is not exposed in public places where it may cause accidents.

forklift certification

A forklift certification program may be the best plan of action to follow if you are looking for career opportunities in heavy machinery. Some may have a basic understanding of how a forklift works but "basic understanding" is not going to be enough to become gainfully employed. You will need detailed knowledge on how forklifts work. A certification program will ensure that you do develop such vital knowledge.

This knowledge may prove very helpful in an employment landscape in dire need of such professionals.

Forklift operators will always be in demand. The reason for this is fairly obvious: forklifts are required to handle a great deal of heavy lifting in all manner of industrial environments. While the need is significant, the numbers of people that are able to actually operate a forklift are limited. This is what creates the opening for those that have such skill or are willing to develop the skill. Easily, the best way to attain needed and workable skills would be to seek out a credible forklift certification program.

elevated work platform training

Your small business website is about your customers, not you. Sure you may be talking about yourself, your products, your services but the real issue is how does all this benefit the customer. If your over at this website to convey the important "what's in it for me" message you have lost business. Make sure your website matches the customer's needs. Why are they at your site to begin with? Are they looking for products, information, your credentials, general information, or a way to contact you?

Clients who come to shop: These people want to see your products; multiple views if possible. Make sure your photos are properly sized and don't take forever to load. Have your payment information displayed prominently. Offer as many payment options as you can. Clearly state shipping fees, return policies and any guarantees.

funny pictures

In the present hectic lifestyle, people do not get enough time to enjoy life or to sit and relax and just have fun. In this fast-paced life, people always wants to find a quick and amusing source of entertainment. This requirement can be fulfilled with the emergence of the internet, as whenever you feel disheartened or depressed, all you need to do is to connect to the internet and enjoy an array of funny videos and funny pictures. You can easily find countless videos and pictures on the internet, which will surely bring a smile on your pale face. A very good thing about these videos is that you can watch them with your whole family and can enjoy it with gags and smiles. Not only people like watching these videos, but they even like to upload such videos on the internet.

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rigging course

A rigging training is something that is very valuable to people who want to get involved in the construction, mining and transport industries, as it is used in heavy equipment training. To be able to do this professionally takes skill, and one has to have the right training to be able to perform what needs to be done.

There are a lot of job opportunities for people who have trained in rigging, and as they can service transport, construction and mining industries, there is hardly shortage of jobs. To be able to land those jobs, one must have the proper training from a reputable school. The courses that are offered have to ensure that one gets the basis of rigging, and it should include both theory and practical lessons. The practical lessons are extremely valuable in getting the trainees to be comfortable with the work hands on, so they get comfortable in performing the tasks that they need to do.

forklift training course

For any forklift training course looking to work in a warehouse, whether commercial or industrial, it is vital to obtain the proper forklift licensing and certification. As with every other process in the average workplace, it is important to be licensed to drive a forklift in order to be considered a professional forklift operator. The forklift certification process that drivers go through is designed to teach them all of the important safety and operating procedures that will ensure their safety as they operate their forklift inside their warehouse. It doesn't matter if you want to get a job in an industrial warehouse, a construction site, or a commercial storage facility; obtaining the proper licensing is essential.

Every company around the country that uses a forklift as part of their operations is required to hire only forklift operators that have obtained the proper forklift certification. The training is required in order to avoid occupational hazards and injuries when driving the forklift, as forklift operating can be fairly dangerous if not done correctly. The Occupational Safety Health Administration, or OSHA, is the organization that requires every forklift operator to be certified, and they will administer penalties or fines to any employer that contracts uncertified forklift operators.

working at heights

Receiving working at heights is crucial for safety reasons when you're in the construction and mining industries and it's often a requirement of employers for liability, insurance, and safety reasons.

Current regulations define working from heights to include any height where a fall can cause injury. This can even be working while standing on the top of furniture or a low ladder. Some of the most common causes of accidents are: falling parts and materials, floor conditions, worker movement, hand tools and machinery. Implementing working at heights training is a way for companies to keep these types of accidents to a bare minimum.


If you use removable mats, make sure that you place them at all exits and entrances. Do not leave them behind the back doors and garage doors. Having a reliable mat can help in preventing soil and debris from entering your home. It can also prevent dirt from penetrating your carpet. Mats also help in keeping hard surface floors cleaner, as well.

When you experience an accidental spill, make sure that you act quickly. Immediately remove solids from the carpet's surface then use a clean towel to blot the area. You must always remember that the longer you delay acting upon it, the harder the stain will be to remove. Ironically, it is different when it comes to mud -- wait for it to dry before you make a move. It will dry eventually then you can use a vacuum to clean the dirt away. If you plan to use chemicals bought from a store, make sure that you have consulted with a professional related to the Carpet Cleaning Tampa Florida business first. Always keep in mind that some chemicals can even worsen a stain, thus making it harder to remove. Act with caution and act only if you have knowledge about what you need to apply.

professional skinecare product

When I was surfing on the Internet, I was shocked to find a home kit for professional skincare which was selling for $400! I thought that was a bit over the top. The blurb stated it was all dermatologist recommended. It was basically a hand held device which uses light therapy treatment for acne. This can apparently kill the bacteria causing acne. Now for anyone suffering from acne, there are simpler and much cheaper solutions around.

So, how can we find really professional skincare product? What are the criteria we should be using? First, we should look at the company and see how their website is organized. You can spot the serious ones straightaway. There will be full and detailed information on all the ingredients. Then there should also be evidence of clinical data which supports the efficacy of their products. There should also be details of their manufacturing facilities, the provenance of their ingredients and so on.

Then you should look carefully and find a reference to The Campaign For Safe Cosmetics. This means simply that they are one of the 1,000 companies who are committed to removing all hazardous and toxic chemicals from their products.

prefessional skincare product

These days you can buy a wide range of professional skincare product in salons, day spas and large department stores. If the task of sorting through the wide variety of products available seem like a daunting task, then simply ask for help. Large department stores, salons and day spas have dedicated staff members that will help you find the right skincare products to help you take care of your skin.

It is always a good idea to find out what your skin type is beforehand so that you can know what you are dealing with and what products to get. Skin types can range from being extremely oily or a combination of oily and dry skin to dry or normal skin. By knowing your specific skin type you will ensure to get the right beauty products as using the wrong products can have dire effects on your complexion.

driver training course

Most of us learn to drive and get our license by age sixteen and we spend the rest of our lives enjoying the privilege of driving wherever and whenever we choose in our own vehicle. Those who have limousine driver training course will go way beyond just ordinary driving and find it to become a lucrative career choice. Training to become a limo driver will allow you to join the best, most thoroughly trained drivers in the world. There is much responsibility in driving people to and from their activities but with that a sense of pride and accomplishment because you are fulfilling a dream for many. It may be their senior prom, trip to the airport, or corporate travels. Whether it's a special occasion or just part of the daily grind, a ride in a limousine can be an unforgettable experience.

Wages are, of course, a big consideration when looking for a career. Becoming a limo driver or chauffeur means you have the potential of making twenty five to thirty dollars an hour and that makes a nice paycheck. Considered part of the hospitality industry, limo drivers must have limousine driver training before being hired but the future is unlimited for those who qualify and earn that prestige license to drive for hire.

crane operator

Is it difficult to be a crane operator? The word "difficult" can be considered somewhat of a relative one. Basically, operating a crane may be a little harder to pick up for some than others. The key point here is that anyone interested in such a job needs to take the proper steps to learn the basics of crane operation. This means there is a need to enroll in a solidly reliable training program that covers all the proverbial bases as far as producing qualified operators.

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What type of things do you need to be aware of when you are a crane operator? Among the most obvious areas to be mindful of would be to perform all needed and necessary safety checks prior to engaging the crane. Are you able to perform a visual inspection of the brakes? Do you notice any potential mechanical defects that might be present? Is the load you are planning to move slung properly? Remember, even the slightest problem with the slung could lead to a serious disaster.

paid reviews

If you've ever wondered how to use that power to your business' advantage, you're not alone. Businesses around the world use blogging in some way to increase their exposure and their sales. Many businesses have their own blogs, while others simply read blogs as a way of conducting market research.

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Lauren Conrad Look for Less <$112

Lauren Conrad is still one of  my favorite style stars after all this time, she is still putting together great looks! I love this mix of a tribal print tank with a soft peach skrit. Its the perfect mix of girly and  bohemian!

Get the Look!

Kate Bosworth Coachella Look for Less < $130

I love to see the fun and funky celeb looks from Coachella... this look from Kate Bosworth is boho and relaxed and the perfect outfit formula for spring!

get the look:

Kelly Ripa Look For Less < $90

Lately, if I see a pop pf yellow in an outfit, I automatically pin it to my fashion board on pinterest. (You are on that right?!)  So when cute little Kelly Ripa popped up in this little number, I had an instant pin!

Get the look:

the IT list... April 13, 2012!

Happy Friday ladies!  
Take some time to check out these great links!
  • DahliaLynn Lane is dressed for the zoo in one of spring's hottest trends - a backward cardigan! Head over to see how she styles it! So cute! (find DahliaLynn Lane on Twitter!)
  • A Dash of Details is crazy for gingham! She shows us how this preppy pattern can make a statement in fashion, interiors and food! (find A Dash of Details on Twitter!)
  • Rachael, Really knows how to rock a pair of cowboy boots! Pop over to see what she pairs them with to make for a stylish spring outfit! (find Rachael, Really on Twitter!) 
  • Fabulously Average is taking a break from this season's trendy brights and going with classic navy blue. She looks so ladylike in her polka-dotted dress! (find Fabulously Average on Twitter!)
  • Here & Now rounds up all of her favorite summer neutrals for a refreshing, warmer weather look!  I have my eye on more than a few! (find Here & Now on Twitter!)
  • Style Your Life is serving up some serious home inspiration with West Elm's spring line! You will want one of everything!! (Find Style Your Life on Twitter!)
  • Lipstick & Lollies got a taste of summer on a trip to Austin and wore the perfect layered outfit! She proves that maxis and chambray were meant to go together!!
  • Sweetie Pie Style is channeling her inner Egyptian with a her new statement necklace! You won't believe the price! Get your wallets ready! (Find Sweetie Pie Style on Twitter!)
  • POSH Blog is sporting a fierce top knot and a tone on tone outfit! She is definitely looking posh! (Find POSH blog on Twitter!)
  • Second Street East mixes some fun pieces for a bright, colorful look. They inspired a pretty cute pillow arrangement, too! (Find Second Street East on Twitter!)
  • Olive & an Arrow is looking gorgeous in her boho chic ensemble! A white maxi and flower headband makes for a romantic summer look! (Find Olive & an Arrow on Twitter!)
  • Good Life is dressing the part for cooler temps with simple, classic layers! Add in a leather jacket and you have the perfect amount of edginess! (Find Good Life on Twitter!)
  • 100 Inspirations shows us how to get Katie Holmes' polished casual look. Stop by to see how you can recreate the look for under $100!
the IT list is brought to you weekly by Jill of Good Life and edited by Michelle of Second St. East.
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Ashley Olsen Look For Less < $120

While there is no doubt color is everywhere this spring, I still have a place in my heart for neutrals.  No matter the pieces, a neutral outfit always looks classic and chic.

Get the look:

Kate Moss Look for Less < $95

Pastels paired with black have to be one of my most favorite looks this spring.  It's so crisp and fresh.  Kate Moss looks stunning in her pale pink pants and bold black accents.  I love this look!  Plus, I have recreated the whole look for under $95 - what a steal!

get the look

Jessica Alba Look for Less <$103

Jessica Alba sure does know how to mix the bright colors and patterns! I love this combo of the pink blazer with the polka dot top. She then tops it off with a fun orange bag! I don't know how she does it but she is always putting together outfits I am obsessed with!

Get the Look!

Katie Holmes Look For Less < $100

Katie Holmes looks so great in this casual yet pulled together look. I'm loving the vibrant yellow bag!!

Get the look:

the IT list... April 6, 2012!

Happy Friday ladies!
I'm so glad the IT list is back.... check out these great links!

  • Fabulously Average is the ultimate recessionista! Check out how she puts her spin on budget and thrift pieces to create an on-trend, polished look! (find Fabulously Average on Twitter!)
  • Here & Now just wrapped up the 30 x 30 remix challenge! Head over to see how she created fun, new looks from what she already owned! (find Here & Now on Twitter!)
  • Style your Life teaches us clutch etiquette and shares a few of her favorites! I am loving the little snakeskin number!
  • Lipstick & Lollies goes bold with a leopard coat and red lips for an instant glam look! Her coat is to die for!
  • Sweetie Pie Style nails the neon trend by pairing it with neutrals for a perfect outfit to spend a day with the family in! Her vest is the perfect layering piece! (find Sweetie Pie Style on Twitter!)
  • POSH Blog has helpful tips for an egg-dying extravaganza! Her eggs are some of the fanciest I have seen! (find POSH Blog on Twitter!)
  • Second Street East is showing us how to find inspiration for you home from your wardrobe! Her outfit makes a darling entry! (find Second Street East on Twitter!)
  • Olive & an Arrow is rocking the laid back chic look and making it look easy! This outfit is perfect for the weekend! (find Olive & and Arrow on Twitter!)
  • Good Life is saying goodbye to the winter blues! Pop on over to see how she is making the transition into spring with florals and stripes! (find Good Life on Twitter!)
  • 100 Inspirations Still looking for the perfect Easter dress?  Check out this super cute Nicole Richie inspired look for less than $80!
the IT list is brought to you weekly by Jill of Good Life and edited by Michelle of Second St. East.
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Nicole Richie Look for Less <$80

With Easter coming up, I am still on the search for the perfect Easter dress! I wouldn't mind taking some ideas from Nicole Richie. I love this orange dress paired with a fun braided belt. Lots of color perfect for Easter morning!

Get the Look!

Cat Deeley Look For Less < $135

Does every other outfit I re-create around here involve a chambray shirt?  I'm beginning to think I have a bit of an obsession going on.  They are definitely a wardrobe must-have, and luckily for us bargain hunters there are plenty of  great options under $25!

Get the look:

chambray top, coated skinnies, sandals, bracelets, purse, sunglasses (these are only $1.80! Insane!)

Enter To Win a Pair of Rockport Ashika Flats!

Hello friends! Jackie here, one of your 100 Inspirations regular contributors.   I'm taking a break from re-creating a Rachel Bilson look today (just can't quit with that girl!) to let you know about a fun giveaway opportunity!  I recently participated in a promotion with in a "Style Central" contest.  They sent four bloggers the same pair of shoes to style, and now you can go vote for your favorite look!  Here is how I styled the Rockport Ashika flat:

You can enter to win your very own pair of these fun shoes over on my personal blog, Sweetie Pie Style.  All you need to do is go to the "Style Central" challenge, cast your vote, then come back and leave me a comment on my post on Sweetie Pie Style telling me you did. Easy!  As an added bonus, if you care to purchase the flat right away, you will receive $20 off after voting!  I appreciate your support!! Have a wonderful weekend!

Nicole Richie Look For Less < $90

This outfit makes me want to run out and spend a carefree day in the sunshine! Just an all around perfect spring/summer look.

Source: via Jackie on Pinterest

Get the look:

Katie Holmes Look for Less < $90

Here Katie Holmes paired a fun floral wedge with a polka dot top for a 'job well done' in pattern mixing!

get the look:

Jennifer Lawrence Look for Less <$95

Jennifer Lawrence is quickly becoming one of my favorite style stars. Since the Hunger Games has exploded she has been putting together outfits that are super chic. I love this semi-nautical look with the classic white blouse with blue skirt and red belt. Perfect for a spring evening.

Get the Look!

Kate Moss Look For Less < $100

I love everything about this look and may have to recreate it really soon!  I love the way she toughens up a classic blazer and pumps with a studded leather bracelet, a loose tank and dark shades!

Get the look:

Jessica Alba Look for Less <$100

Every week when I sit down to write my posts, there is always a Jessica Alba look that I want to recreate! She just puts together practical looks that I love. This week we have a tweed blazer paired with jeans, a sheer tie top, and some great studded heels. Its a little bit dressed up but still casual for a lunch with friends or running errands. Can I just raid Jess's closet now please?

Get the Look

Emma Stone Look for Less > $100

Emma Stone looks relaxed and stylish (my favorite combo!) in this outfit... the blue tones play beautifully off of her gorgeous red hair. I love this look!

get the look:
grey top

Miranda Kerr Look for Less <$98

Lately everyone has been rocking pastel colored skinnies but I still love my red ones and this look from Miranda Kerr is perfect to incorporate your red skinnies but still look like spring. Dressed down with a striped tee and blue jean jacket its perfect for running errands on a spring day!

Get the look!

Ashley Olsen Look For Less < $150

Ashley is smoking hot in this outfit! The loose, unbuttoned chambray top is sexy, without being trashy.  Finish with a white mini, oxford pumps and a few delicate stackable rings and you are ready to go!

Get the look:

Rachel Bilson Look For Less < $115

Here's a fun look on Rachel-loving the oversize trouser style red pants!  I would go with a more fitted blazer to balance out the bagginess of the pants-I'm not as petite as her and would end up looking super sloppy!

Get the look:

Minka Kelly Look for Less < $130

A simple and fun outfit for spring... printed shirts are popping up everywhere lately and I love how Minka Kelly puts together such a casual look with hers!

get the look:

Kourtney Kardashian Look for Less <$117

Kourtney Kardashian is pulling out all the stops even pregnant she has created a look that everyone can wear! I love the striped blazer paired with the black skinnies and flats. Kourt adds a fun pop of color with the yellow crossbody bag that I am loving!

Get the Look!

Katie Holmes Look For Less < $130

Katie Holmes has been looking so great lately! This look is comfortable and chic-her Clare Vivier bag really makes the outfit! I have a small obsession with CV bags, and have created an easy DIY for you to get the look of this bag for less. Check it out below!

Get the look:

So here is how to get the look of this gorgeous Clare Vivier clutch for less:

Buy this plain brown leather clutch, then simply add a stripe of neon duct tape down the center (you can find colored duct tapes at many big box stores like Target and Walmart, as well as office supply and craft stores)! Super easy and about $100 less!  Use the leftover dough to buy the rest of the outfit!

Cardigan, leggings, booties

Another fun option for the clutch is this cute version in tan and neon polka dots!