top 15 under $100 - week 9!


Perfume or cologne is a great accessory for any outfit! Now that the weather is cooling off I like to wear perfume more regularly... these are some I have loved in the past. Each scent reminds me of certain times and places in my life. Kate Spade's Twirl I am enjoying right now - it's super sweet, but calms down once it's on my skin. What are some of your favorite colognes or perfumes?


Last week we discussed fur vests, and if we would be comfortable wearing one. This week, I'm going the safer route and picking out some good ol' fashioned sweater vests! But, just to be edgy, I've picked one with a fur trim! Ha!


I love belts. Skinny belts, wide belts, brown belts, sparkly belts any type of belt I probably love. Here are some ones that I would wear in a heartbeat!

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